Deliverer Instructions


We are really grateful that you have come forward to help our community at this challenging time. By helping someone that is self-isolating to get essential shopping you are protecting the NHS and helping to save lives.

First-time delivering

If this is your first time delivering, please contact Fran Donnelly at [email protected]  or tel: 07760 548450 to confirm you have read and are comfortable with the instructions.

How does it work?

1. Receive Deliveries

You will be emailed your deliveries for the day from Stratford-upon-Avon Support organisers. The emails will include the name, address, contact information and the shopping list for the person in need, as well as any special requests around delivery (time, instructions). You should be assigned up to 3 deliveries on a day you have agreed to volunteer.

2. Print Payment Forms

Please print off a payment form for each delivery. You can download the form here.

If you don't have a printer, please contact Fran Donnelly (details below) who will be able to provide you with some copies.

2. Pick Up Vouchers

In order to keep things streamlined, we have selected one supermarket to work with and Stratford Town Trust has purchased a number of pre-paid Morrisons gift cards. Regretfully, it is not possible under this scheme for you to be able to buy items from any other supermarket or shop or accept any cash.  

Please collect your vouchers from Fran Donnelly 37 Baker Avenue, CV37 9PW. To arrange this, please contact Fran Donnelly at [email protected]  or tel: 07760 548450.

3. Go Shopping

All items are subject to being in stock at Morrisons and naturally, there may be a need for substitutions. If there is a significant difference in what is available, please contact the person in need to check with them, otherwise, use your judgement. Similarly, if you're not familiar with the item you need to buy do contact them!

We recommend that as part of the shopping you purchase Morrisons paper carrier bags in order to avoid the spread of the virus. If this is not possible then please be vigilant in washing your hands before and after every shop, and follow the hygiene guidance from Public Health England.

After completing the shop please check the balance on the pre-paid Morrisons card at the checkout.


We have had a couple of issues with shoppers at Morrisons where the pre-paid cards appear to have no funds on them when you get to the checkout.

As long as you are sure that the card has funds on it either because it’s a fresh one or it’s one you have already shopping on,  if this happens to you then please tell the cashier to press “Subtotal” and then select Morrisons Gift card from the sidebar. You may have to ask them to call the supervisor but please be persistent.

4. Complete Payment Form

When you have completed the shopping please make a note of the exact value, the date and the receipt number. Take a photo of the till receipt.

Complete the Payment Information Form and staple the till receipt to it and place both in the bag with the shopping in a visible but safe place.

5. Delivery

Please ensure you have a safe contactless method of delivery in advance with your customer in order to maintain a distance of 2 metres or more.

If the recipient wants to pay by cheque, please tell them to the total and take the cheque from them Cheques should be made out to Stratford Town Trust and have the recipients full name, postcode and the date of the transaction on the back.

Do not accept cash.

See how the recipient is, do they want a quick chat (whilst keeping 2 metres or more). Would they appreciate more regular contact?

6. Wrap-up

For each delivery, please email us at [email protected] with the following:

  • Total Cost
  • Whether the payment was by cheque
  • A photo or details of the receipt
  • Any notes on the recipient which could be helpful for the next deliverer

If you have a cheque, please drop this off. If the remaining balance is under £25 please arrange to exchange this for a new card.

Please arrange both with Fran Donnelly at [email protected] or tel: 07760 548450.


Please contact Fran Donnelly.