Thank you for contacting Stratford Support. We are really grateful to all the local volunteers that have come forward to help our community at this challenging time. Our volunteers are able to carry out a shop for you at Morrisons and they have a pre-paid card to enable them to do this. In order to keep things streamlined we have selected one supermarket to work with and regretfully they are not able to buy items from any other supermarket or shop, or accept any cash. You will be able to pay for your items through the Stratford Support website or by cheque when you have received your shopping.

How does it work? Your Stratford Support volunteer will contact you in advance by telephone to agree the items you require, together with any specific choices. All items are subject to being in stock at Morrisons and naturally there may be a need for substitutions. Please confirm any acceptable alternatives, or if you do not require substituted items please make this clear to your volunteer as it will not be possible to return or offer refunds on any unwanted items.

Please tell your volunteer about any allergies or dietary requirements to avoid cross contamination in case they are shopping for more than one person at a time. Please agree a safe method of delivery in advance with your volunteer in order to maintain a distance of 2 metres or more.

Please be mindful of our volunteers when placing your shopping request and keep your order to a minimum. Our volunteers will also be shopping for up to 2 other people in need and will not be able to pick up large quantities of bulky items or alcohol.

Your shopping will be delivered to you with your supermarket receipt attached to a Payment Information Form. This has instructions about how to settle the bill with Stratford Town Trust using online banking (our preferred option) or by cheque directly to the volunteer or sent to the address provided. We politely request that payment is made within 24 hours of receipt of shopping. The volunteers are not able to accept cash or any other form of payment directly from you.

If you have any questions or concerns about this service please contact 07342 110112

Please fill in the form below

Data Protection: The information that you provide here will only be used to contact you about your essential shopping bag order. Stratford Town Trust and Stratford upon Avon Town Council will not pass the details recorded on this form on to any other organisation unless you specify otherwise. We will not store your data for any longer than five years.

Stratford-upon-Avon Town Trust is a registered charity (no. 1088521) and a company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales (no. 4222949). It is also a Trustee of the Guild Estate Charity (no. 217484) and College Estate Charity (no. 217485).